Inspired by the architects from the past and concepts of the future Antonio is driven to design and construct his narrative ceramic forms. Antonio melds a diverse range of materials, construction methods, and technical knowledge into his artwork. Cuellar’s technical experience has established him as resident Studio Technician for the Sierra Nevada Work College workshop program for all of seven year. In the 2005 “Feats of Clay” (Juried national ceramic show) critic from the Sacramento Bee states “ Among the better works Mott picked are Antonio Cuellar’s “The Traveler” a hand-built wood and salt-fired sculpture in the Peter Voulkos tradition”, Sacramento Bee, May. 08, 2005


My art is how I live, view and participate in my surroundings. I have come to the awareness that life is art; that every breath and movement is directly connected to all of life. I observe my whole existence as a creative soul.

I believe as the Greeks did: That artists are merely the conduit between the universe and earth; that the mystery of destiny drives me. I observe and respond to the gift of life. Historical references frame our response to the present, and that affects the future. In every artistic attempt, I try to convey what I would like to think of as universal dialogue.

In essence we dwell in kinetic mass of creative brilliance. Through these soulful lenses I am driven to create and respond to my environment through line, texture, color, and above all-emotional content. I have been granted the gift of vision and feel I would be blind if I were not to use it. The creative process grounds and humbles my heart.